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Out of the Midwest, a champion emerges!G2Local.cominterpreting translation services

Ohio is not the first place that pops to mind when one thinks about diversity, international business, interpreting, or translation, but G2Local is determined to become the leading provider of language services in the entire Midwest.

One often hears stories of how entrepreneurs came up with a business idea over a couple of beers some evening……….not us.  Similarly, we have all heard the tales of great business ideas born between classes in college by smart roommates………..not us either.  No, the story of G2Local’s evolution is one of a savvy small business expert and former stock trader who brought together a dream team that truly believes they can positively shift interpreting and translation services for the clients they serve.

Our Fearless Executives:

Grace Bosworth oversees all of G2Local’s strategy while also managing the day-to-day operations.  She is the face of the business, a hard worker, and a tireless advocate for the minority community.  Grace believes deeply in customer engagement and the concept that good companies come from good leaders.  She is aggressive with problem solving and relentless with the pursuit of excellence in every part of G2Local’s business.

Stacee Dover is the point person for the G2Local sales and customer service team.  She is creative, attentive to detail and known for her passion and drive to succeed.  Stacee has developed metrics for G2Local and their clients, and she is a marketing/branding expert who is able to balance creativity with business goals in a way few can match.

Carlos Rios is not just another pretty face!  This Arizona native has brains, brawn, and a work ethic that will take your breath away.  Carlos is the one who keeps the schedule organized while booking appointments and dispatching interpreters.  If you need an interpreter, Carlos WILL get someone there for you. Need an interpreter in the next 15 minutes?  Carlos WILL get someone there for you!

Michael Gibson knows more about the Klingon language than any of the other languages G2Local supports.  As the in-office technology guru, his strengths lie in keeping all of our systems running.  Few realize that, because G2Local is based firmly on the latest interpreting & translation technology, we keep our quality high and our costs low.  Mike runs the behind the scenes operations of G2Local.  We could not do what we do without him.  In addition, he excels in programming, IT, and all things gaming.

Beth Whitacre was God’s gift to G2Local this past Christmas.  She is a project management expert who dabbles in bookkeeping, accounting and social media.  Beth has a strong international business foundation and, coupled with a sincere desire for customer service, she is a true asset to all parts of the G2Local business.

The entire G2Local team works under the concept that process and procedures followed every time produce great results.  We also collaborate efficiently and have fun with our work and our lives.

In a word, the G2Local team would summarize themselves as FEARLESS.  By this word, the team intends to express the idea that they will go the extra mile for their clients, set high goals, expect great things to happen to them, and never entertain the idea of failure.

At G2Local, we are hell-bent on making the world a better place!

Our services are unique because of the personable approach we take to each and every client, coupled with our commitment to excellence.

At G2Local, we are problem solvers- It’s what we do best.  Most of our clients are long on LEP persons with interpretation and translation needs but short on money for such services.  G2Local creates customized pricing that meets the needs of our clients.  We have yet to work with a single client for whom we could not cut costs.  In fact, great interpreter services will help your clinics see more patients, build more trust among your non-English speaking clientele, and concentrate on your core business.  Our goal is to help you get more clients and increase patient satisfaction.

Remember: Interpreting isn't the ONLY thing we do.  We deliver translations quickly without compromising accuracy or quality.  If you have a website, G2Local can help you get the most bang for your buck.




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